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What is Ulthera Lifting?

It is a procedure that has been approved by the FDA for ultrasonic lifting and has been proven to be stable and effective. Deep SEE technology enables sophisticated procedures while looking into the skin in real time, and allows constant and uniform energy delivery, enabling accurate procedures at the desired depth.

What are the advantages of Ulthera lifting?
  1. The maintenance period is relatively long during lifting procedures, so the effect can be maintained once a year.
  2. It is a procedure that improves stretched skin elasticity and induces collagen regeneration, and also has the effect of tightening pores.
  3. It is effective for sagging cheeks and double jaws that have collapsed due to aging, and is effective for wrinkles and clear facial contour lifting.
  4. By using products recognized by the U.S. FDA, stability is guaranteed, and there is no recovery period due to the procedure that does not require incision, so daily life is possible quickly.
What is the procedure for Ulthera lifting?

Before the procedure, Jaedon Plastic Surgery conducts sufficient consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine the appropriate treatment site for the individual. It intensively delivers targeted ultrasonic energy at a temperature of 60-70 °C to sagging skin due to poor elasticity. Real-time monitoring enables more sophisticated and safe procedures to identify and proceed with skin conditions.

What kind of anesthesia is used for Ulthera lifting?

Ulthera lifting proceeds with deep sleep anesthesia.

I recommend this kind of person!

It is recommended for those who are stressed by fine lines and stretched pores, or who are worried about sagging skin due to poor skin elasticity.

Surgical information

With long experience and various know-how, You can get surgery with confidence from a plastic surgeon.
  • Surgery time
    40 minutes
  • anesthesia method
    sleep anesthesia
  • removal of thread
  • treatment

Before & After

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