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What is under-eye fat removal/fat transplantation?
Under-eye fat removal

a surgery that removes under-eye fat caused by the decrease in skin elasticity under the eyes as you age, making the under-eye fat look shady due to the decrease in skin elasticity , and the under-eye fat caused by the hanging film that blocks under the eyes is removed through the conjunctiva under the eyes. It gets worse due to stress or deterioration of condition, and it may occur quickly from the early 20s, and bulging under the eyes can make you look older and look tired.

Under-eye fat transplantation

a procedure in which fat under the eyes is removed, made into micro-sized small particles using a kind of filter called an adenizer that filters out fat, and implanted with a syringe in the lower part of the eye.

What are the benefits of fat removal/fat transplantation under the eyes?
  1. It brightens shaded eyes by removing bulging fat.
  2. There are no visible scars, so it doesn't interfere with daily life.
What is the procedure for under-eye fat removal/fat transplantation?

Before surgery, Jaedon Plastic Surgery conducts sufficient consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine a surgical method that suits the individual. Design the area to be operated before surgery and align the line to the patient's needs and facial shape.

Under-eye fat removal

removes unnecessary fat by exposing fat after cutting a part of the conjunctiva under the eye with a laser. 

Under-eye fat transplantation

In the under-eye fat transplant, the removed fat is purified again and transplanted into the area under the eye, which is made into micro-sized small particles using an adnizer (a filter that filters out fat) and transplanted into the area under the eye.

After transplantation, laser such as co2 laser, needle RF laser, RF laser, or plasma laser can be used to correct skin sagging, and by directly penetrating exosomes into the skin, the regenerative effect can be increased on the skin under the eyes that induces artificial skin regeneration.

What kind of anesthesia is used for under-eye fat removal/fat transplantation?

It progresses to local anesthesia in the eye area along with sleep anesthesia.

I recommend this kind of person!

It is recommended if the fat under the eyes protrudes and makes you look tired or old, and the dark areas under the eyes are not covered by makeup.

Surgical information

With long experience and various know-how, You can get surgery with confidence from a plastic surgeon.
  • Surgery time
    30 minutes
  • anesthesia method
    Local anesthesia + sleep anesthesia
  • removal of thread
  • treatment

Before & After

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