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What is partial incision of double eyelid?

The partial incision method that utilizes only the advantages of the incision and burial method is a surgery that does not cut the entire skin, removes fat through a minimum incision window of about 2-3mm outside the double eyelid line, and firmly fixes it to the suture room to create double eyelids.

What are the advantages of partial sectioning?
  1. The scar on the eyelid is small due to micro-section.
  2. The line is clear by utilizing only the advantages of incision and burial methods.
  3. Compared to the burial method, it is less likely to be released and is firmly fixed.
  4. It can remove fat from your thick eyelid.
What is the procedure for partial incision?

Before surgery, Jaedon Plastic Surgery conducts sufficient consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine a surgical method that suits the individual. Design the area to be operated before surgery and align the line to the patient's needs and facial shape.

Make small incisions of 1-2mm on both sides of the eyelid to remove fat or remove part of the orbital muscle . The connection of the double eyelid line is a single-knot continuous molding surgery, which is meticulously sealed by continuous burying with thread by making a small groove on the eyelid.

What kind of anesthesia is used for partial incision?

Eyelid surgery is performed with local anesthesia in the eye area along with sleep anesthesia.

I recommend this kind of person!

It is recommended for those who have a lot of fat or muscles on their eyelids, so the burial method is not suitable, or who have operated with the burial method but want a stronger fixation .

Surgical information

With long experience and various know-how, You can get surgery with confidence from a plastic surgeon.
  • Surgery time
    15-20 minutes
  • anesthesia method
    Local anesthesia + sleep anesthesia
  • removal of thread
    3 days after
  • treatment
    2 Times

Before & After

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