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What is silhouette lifting ?

Silhouette lifting is a non-surgical facial contour volume procedure, which gives a lifting effect by lifting and fixing the skin tissue by putting a 3D Cone-shaped thread of PLLA that is absorbed into the body.

What are the benefits of silhouette lifting?
  1. It is safe using patented 3D Cone technology and a yarn composed of PLLA ingredients absorbed by the body.
  2. 3D Cone can move freely between knots and fix it to the desired area, and the surface is smooth, so there is less irritation.
  3. The lifting effect is good by lifting and fixing the skin tissue through the structural characteristics of the 3D Cone shape.
  4. It uses medical devices approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea and supports the organization through 3D Cone to maintain the lifting effect for a long time.
What is the procedure for silhouette lifting?

Before the procedure, Jaedon Plastic Surgery conducts sufficient consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine the appropriate treatment site for the individual. Fix the thread to the area where you're worried.

What kind of anesthesia is used for silhouette lifting?

Silhouette lifting proceeds with local anesthesia along with sleep anesthesia .

I recommend this kind of person!

Colossus is burdensome, but it is recommended if you are concerned about the drooping of your face and want to increase the volume with the lifting effect and the collagen regeneration effect.

Surgical information

With long experience and various know-how, You can get surgery with confidence from a plastic surgeon.
  • Surgery time
    40 minutes
  • anesthesia method
    Local anesthesia + sleep anesthesia
  • removal of thread
  • treatment
    1 time

Before & After

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