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What is an incision ?

As the name suggests, it is a surgical method to make double eyelids by cutting in the desired double eyelid line to remove fat and muscles, and to make double eyelids by tying the incised eyelids and muscles that open the eyes . Surgery is performed when your eyes are fat or muscles are drooping, and the double eyelid line looks clear and cool, and the double eyelid line is permanently maintained.

What are the advantages of incision?
  1. If the eyelid wrinkles are stretched, it also solves the wrinkles.
  2. You can create double eyelid lines that meet your needs.
  3. Chubby and droopy eyes can also be big and clear eyes.
  4. The double eyelids are not loosened with strong fixation.
What is the procedure for the incision?

Before surgery, Jaedon Plastic Surgery conducts sufficient consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine a surgical method that suits the individual. Design the area to be operated before surgery and align the line to the patient's needs and facial shape.

Secure an appropriate amount of unnecessary fat and skin to remove and remove fat or part of the orbital muscle through incision . Connect the skin directly with the upper eye muscle and seal it to make a line.

What kind of anesthesia is used for the incision?

Eyelid surgery is performed with local anesthesia in the eye area along with sleep anesthesia.

I recommend this kind of person!

If your eyelids are stretched or your eyes are fat and thick, it is recommended for those who have operated with burial methods but the double eyelid line is loosened.

Surgical information

With long experience and various know-how, You can get surgery with confidence from a plastic surgeon.
  • Surgery time
    40 minutes
  • anesthesia method
    Local anesthesia + sleep anesthesia
  • removal of thread
    7 days after
  • teatment
    2 times

Before & After

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