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About Jae Don

a hospital specializing in eye plastic surgery

It is a customer-oriented hospital called "JAEDON Plastic Surgery" that strives to last.

Jaedon Plastic Surgery strives for permanence and operates a segmented medical system through specialized medical staff in each field.
For the best surgical outcome that maximizes individual beauty, we strive for the best surgical outcome with more than 70,000 plastic surgery experience and know-how.
In addition, it is a customer-centered care system that prioritizes trust and safety, treats customers like a family and pursues inner beauty together.

Medical Staff

Introduction to medical staff

the best medical staff in the plastic surgery clinic.

We will give you the best treatment as a medical staff that patients can trust and choose from.

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  • Plastic Surgeons

    CEO Jaedon Seo

  • anesthesiologist

    Director Seungjoon Lee

Before & After

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Jaedon Plastic Surgery is a customer-oriented hospital, not a profit, and it is based on thorough customer-oriented treatment.
We welcome customers with a family-like heart, and we do our best to warm up our appearance and inner self.

Plastic Surgeons

CEO Jaedon Seo

서재돈 대표원장